In numerology 8 is connected with Saturn, the ruler of time. 8 is a symbol of hierarchy. When conscious rational mind dominates subconscious intuitive mind we are bound to the illusion of time.

When 8 transforms into ထ, conscious and subconscious mind work together without hierarchy and time is transcended. We are infinite.

You can align your conscious and subconscious mind by Walking Unfinity*. To do this place 2 stones, crystals or shells around 2 metres from each other and walk around them following the infinity symbol. You can do this for as long as you like, but minimum 3 minutes is recommended. Change direction after some time.

Focus gently on a solution you would like to manifest, such as healing, or an answer you seek. Do this without wanting, simply allowing your subconscious to work its magic. Do this every day to retrain your mind into its natural harmonic function.

I prefer the new word unfinity to infinity. Saying the word infinite can be literally interpreted by the subconscious as being in a finite state. Unfinite and unfinity have no such ambiguity.