Jasper Numerology

Jasper Neil Beechwood

I discovered numerology in 1994 after hearing an interview with a numerologist on local radio. Until then I was working as a music promoter in Camden, London. Within a year I was giving readings to friends and family and was soon encouraged to work professionally.

Before numerology I didn’t appreciate numbers at all. While I had a good mind, I was always more interested in creative expression like music, rather than science. Discovering that numbers had a creative, symbolic side was a revelation. It has helped me to appreciate the need for understanding based in both rational and intuitive intelligence.


Around the time I discovered numerology, I also started meditating and became a hands on healer. I’ve been teaching my own style of meditation – Innersense Meditation – since 2003.
In 1998 I studied hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in England and have a successful hypnotherapy practice, both in person and online.

I have developed my own unique approach to numerology and like many highly experienced readers, have also acquired a very reliable intuitive sense. I have now given thousands of Life Readings online and in my travels around the world.


I really enjoy giving Numerology Life Readings, as the insights they provide can facilitate major life shifts, through greater understanding and self-acceptance. I am confident that you will feel enlivened and empowered by your reading!

At the end of 2013 I formally changed my name to Jasper Neil Beechwood. The name Jasper brings more power into my life and numerologically complements my original name very well. I feel very good about the change and feel its positive effects!

May you be blessed with Love, Happiness, Health & Wealth.


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