2023 Prediction

2023 is a 7 Universal year. This will bring deepening introspection, increase in critical thinking and search for understanding, after 2022’s more materialistic 6 energy. We often feel a desire for alone time by the end of a 6 year, in which we’ve been more focused on family and community issues than usual.

By March, in which we begin a new nine month cycle, the outgoing 6 family and community energy has expended itself. At this time anyone who has been unconsciously swept along with family and community issues, at the expense of their own integrity will begin to feel uneasy. Those who have been feeling for some time that all is not right in their world, but have not been ready to make changes will find change forced upon them.

At this time many people will be open to learning new subjects and moving beyond old outdated patterns. People will enjoy exercising their logic and the ability to think for themselves.

Let’s look at 2023’s Pinnacle and Challenge to more fully understand its potential. A Pinnacle describes the primary positive energy and a Challenge the primary challenging energy of the year.

In the image above, number 11 at the top is the year Pinnacle and number 1 at the bottom is the year Challenge.

11‘s two 1’s represent our animal and spiritual sides working together in harmony, to create the possibility for the awakening of Christ consciousness. 2023’s 11 Pinnacle brings an influx of conscious spiritual energy and a deepening Earth connection. It is supported by two 2’s and one 4, 5 and 7 each. The positive sensitivity and intuition of the 2’s brings a beautiful feminine openness which facilitates the awakening 11 energy. Usually the more masculine 4, 5 and 7 energies don’t complement the sensitive 11 or 2, but here they appear in lesser roles and will support rather than overpower them.

The 4 brings positive action and the desire and ability to work hard for a new project. It also indicates that greater numbers of police and army (both ruled by the martial like qualities of 4) will experience and support the awakening of consciousness.

5 brings an alignment of the media with new ways of understanding and also ushers in more freedom of movement and speech.

7 supports the 7 Universal year of deepening understanding and the desire to learn.

2023’s 1 Challenge indicates the challenge upon authority, as it feels its role being scrutinized and questioned. This applies to heads of families, communities, businesses, NGO’s, political parties and countries. If authority is not prepared to adapt and align itself with the awakening intelligence of the people it will fight back, enforcing its will with increasingly desperate measures.

Two 1’s, Two 2’s and one 0 provide a supporting challenge. The 1’s will increase the desire of old established authority to defend its position. The 2’s indicate a sneakiness and deceit which will be used by authority to fulfill its desires. The 0 will actually increase the challenge upon authority, by ushering in the feeling of a completely new paradigm – a natural reset.

Overall my feeling for 2023 is that the awakening of spiritual and natural energy, represented by the 11 Pinnacle, will overcome the materialistic agenda represented by the 1 Challenge. I feel many people will awaken into more conscious autonomy, but they will have to go through painful feelings of having been duped and easily led by family and authority figures.

Many people born in the 21st Century will begin to awaken and will rapidly move away from digital culture, to a more spiritual Earth based one.

This is the beginning of a new, more conscious time for humanity.

2022 Prediction

By simply adding the numbers in 2022 together we calculate its Universal Year Number, which describes the general energy of the whole calendar year. 6 is the number of love, harmony and balance, particularly directed within families and close communities, so on the face of things a 6 year appears to be beneficial for us all.

We could be looking forward to the strengthening of families and communities and growing feelings of kindness and trust.

However the 6 energy can also be clannish, or exclusionary to those who are not felt to be part of the familiar group.

We can gain more insight into the likely direction of the year, by determining its Pinnacle and Challenge. A Pinnacle describes the primary positive energy and a Challenge the primary challenging energy of the year.

In the image above, number 1 at the top is the year Pinnacle and number 2 at the bottom is the year Challenge.

The Pinnacle or positive energy of 2022 is 1. The numbers 2, 4 & 6 play supporting roles. There is a powerful masculine, paternal (number 1) influence over the main 6 Universal Year energy. This is backed up by the order and structure of two 4’s, two cooperative 2’s and one community focused 6.

These influences suggest a movement towards increased totalitarian control, likely involving greater implementation of health mandates enforced by tighter restrictions. The desire of the 6 Year energy for harmony and balance within community will likely play out as the majority of people being happy to go along with the restrictions.

The Challenge or challenging energy of 2022 is 2. The numbers 2 and 0 play supporting roles. The feminine, intuitive, diplomatic 2 becomes sneaky, superficial and easily led when under challenge. Intuition is ignored in favour of knee jerk reaction and a herd like mentality. This is strengthened by three supporting 2’s. There is a tendency to believe what is presented by the appearance of a strong authority figure, without much critical discernment. There is also a growing suspicion and fear of those who disagree with the mainstream narrative.

A 0 (Zero) supporting Challenge has a subtle effect but is worth mentioning. We feel no particular worldly challenge under this influence, which can give a feeling of things getting easier and a desire to go with the flow. This is fine when we’re in the natural flow of life, but when we’re not we can be drawn into laziness and complacency. The real gift of a 0 Challenge is to awaken us back into conscious connection with ourselves and the environment.

I feel that the events of 2022 will be the straw which breaks the back of humanity’s selfishness, complacency and avoidance of emotional discomfort. Many mothers – representing the 2 Challenge – will completely lose their feminine intuition and compromise themselves and their children. They will be mesmerized by the media, into complying with a coordinated – 1 Pinnacle – authoritarian agenda which seeks to further lockdown its control over the global family – 6 Universal year.

2022’s most intense months will be between April and September. April is the beginning of a new monthly cycle, a 1 month which suggests a step up in authoritarian control. September is a 6 month in a 6 year. This heralds a clash of tribes of opposing ideologies, but also the beginning of an opening towards greater tolerance and acceptance.

October will see the slow awakening of critical thinking and disengagement from the fear driven group mind.

Although I paint a rather negative picture for 2022, it’s important to state that these events will only affect those who have invested their belief in the sanctity of external hierarchies. The overall spirit of our times is that we each awaken into conscious sovereign autonomy. Those of us who are already abiding quietly in conscious presence will find the Red Sea of worldly difficulties parting before us as always.

I see the beginnings of humanity awakening into greater self-autonomy in 2023. Check out my post.

0 Challenge Cycle

There are four Challenges in numerology. They are long term cycles which present a specific challenge for their duration. In this article I’m going to focus on the often misunderstood 0 Challenge.

All of my four challenges are ruled by 0 and taking a deep dive into what this means has been an important part of my self-understanding and awakening.
My current understanding is that the 0 challenge refers to no particular worldly challenge. This is not say there are no challenges during a 0 Challenge. Karmic lessons, karmic debts, master numbers, repeating core aspects and modifier imbalances all present their own challenges, but they are not confined to any particular period of time, like the Challenge cycles.

In some ways a person affected by a 0 challenge can become lazy or complacent, as nothing in particular is nipping at their heels. Life can be easy and there can be a lack of ambition. But there is almost always a feeling of an itch that can’t be scratched. This is the greatest signpost to understanding and overcoming the 0 challenge.
As I said the 0 challenge is not a worldy one. In short, it’s the challenge to be nothing: to be as Jesus put it, “In the world but not of it”.
Within a 0 challenge you are invited to surrender completely and allow life to work its magic through you. Think of Truman in the Truman Show movie. He’s a great example of someone in a 0 challenge. Life seems fine, but eventually something just doesn’t feel right. The challenge is to do nothing, to just listen in to the situation and allow yourself to be moved, rather than sleepily shuffling around like everyone else.

The 0 challenge is really the most challenging challenge! It’s the invitation to find out what you are in the absence of identification. It can be summed up as ‘Live as if you have no challenges’.

Extraterrestrial and Earth Essences

In the last post I looked at new aspects, the Life Pinnacle and Life Challenge. Now It’s time for two more new aspects which will help you to know yourself even more intimately.

The human experience is like the movie Avatar, in which humans upload their intelligence into an alien species. In our case, our bodies are like the blue people in Avatar. Our conscious intelligence is the extraterrestrial part. When we incarnate into an Earth human body, we forget our origin in order to focus upon our Earthly experience. We come here to learn the lessons of Love, Kindness and Gratitude.

The Extraterrestrial and Earth essences show us the primary qualities which these two sides of ourselves bring to our lives. They work together through the overall quality of our Expression number.

The Extraterrestrial Essence is calculated by first converting the letters of the full name on the birth certificate to numbers and then adding the first two numbers together and then inputting the result above. Continue through the rest of the numbers and then add the numbers in the new line together into another line above, until you have one number at the top. See the image below for Bob Marley. We use addition because our extraterrestrial side is the yang aspect of our polarity.

The Earth Essence is calculated by first converting the letters of the full name on the birth certificate to numbers and then subtracting the first two numbers together and then inputting the result below. Continue through the rest of the numbers and then subtract the numbers in the new line together into another line below, until you have one number at the bottom. We use subtraction because our Earth side is the yin aspect of our polarity.

We can see that Bob Marley’s Extraterrestrial Essence was 7, the number of wisdom, analysis and understanding. His Earth Essence was 0, which represents pure limitless potential.

Life Pinnacle and Challenge

In numerology we’ve long been aware of the Pinnacles and Challenges. These are beneficial and challenging cycles at work at different times in our lives. I have discovered a life long Pinnacle and Challenge, which you can see for Bob Marley in the image below. We all have one Life Pinnacle and one Life Challenge, which are active throughout our whole lives.

The number at the top of the image was Bob’s Life Pinnacle. The number at the bottom was his Life Challenge. A 9 Life Pinnacle was appropriate, because that was also his Life Path number. He was a shining example of the 9 archetype – a humanitarian and a great performer. His 1 Life Challenge was also appropriate, as he hard to fight hard for independence and became a great leader in addition to being a humanitarian.

To work out your Life Pinnacle, start with your full date of birth, the way it’s written on your birth certificate. Add the first two numbers together and write the result above. From the image below you can see 0+6=6. Continue through the rest of the numbers and then add the numbers in the new line together into another line above, until you have one number at the top.

To work out your Life Challenge, subtract the numbers in the date of birth and write the result below. From the image you can see 6-0=0 and so on. Continue through the rest of the numbers and then subtract the numbers in the new line together into another line below, until you have one number at the bottom.