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A 1 hour Life reading with Jasper, one of the world’s top numerologists, costs £60 and is conducted on Skype or Whatsapp. Your reading will be recorded and emailed to you and you’ll find that by listening to it periodically, you’ll gain ever more insight into yourself.

Included in the price of your reading is an approximately 80 page numerology report, Abundancewhich will be emailed to you. This report goes with great detail into your numerological aspects and also provides a forecast of the next 25 years of your life.

If you’d like to book a reading, please write to me here specifying your date of birth, full name on your birth certificate and current name. Please also write the ideal date and time for your Life Reading.
Remember to include your Skype ID or Whatsapp number.
I’ll reply so that we can confirm the date and time of the session. Once that’s done, I’ll ask you to pay by clicking on the Paypal button below and we can go ahead with your Life Reading!

If you’re in the UK, you can also pay into my HSBC account. Details are:
Account holder: Jasper Neil Beechwood
Sort Code: 402901
Account Number: 51442414

I look forward to helping you to know yourself more deeply and intimately!


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