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pythagorasSome people who are new to numerology make the point that our names are given arbitrarily, or that we could have been given different ones. Numerologists reply that your name (and date of birth) is no accident or chance. Even if there is a spelling mistake, or a name has been omitted, the energy of the full name on your birth certificate describes you perfectly. The full name on your birth certificate is a spiritual seal; a contract you made at the soul level before you were born.
The full name on the birth certificate describes our core energy and potential, even if we don’t use it. Most people omit their middle name in everyday dealings. Others don’t use their given name, but use a middle or nickname. We often change our surnames, through marriage or for other reasons. In these cases we acquire a second set of aspects, called minor numbers. These aspects work alongside our core aspects and complement or imbalance them. In a Life Reading I’ll be able to tell you whether your core and minor aspects are in harmony. If not, a heightened awareness of the situation can help you to manage your energy more effectively. Some people take numerology into consideration when changing their name. I can help with this.

Another frequent numerology question is “what if my name isn’t written using the basic English Alphabet, or my date of birth within the Western Calendars”?
Although it is possible to adapt numerology to all calendars and alphabets, I only use the Western Calendar and English Alphabet. I convert dates of birth to Western and phonetically spell out names into English. Over the years I have been consistently amazed to find that dates and names changed in this way, produce accurate readings.
Having lived in Thailand for a number of years, I have given many readings to Thai people by converting their dates of birth and names to the Western Calendar and English Alphabet and have had consistently positive feedback.


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