Jasper Numerology


Hi Jasper,
I just wanted to give you a short feedback regarding the Numerology reading you gave me last year at One Yoga.
It was amazing, although I couldn’t imagine how this could be realized. I really had my “study year” this year, absolved an Online Marketing Manager training and there were so many small and bigger things that turned out just like you/the chart said.
I thought I’d let you know so you see it was really helpful for me, also to develop.
Wishing you all the best; take care

Elke – Germany

I get a reading with Jasper every 6-9 months.  Consistently, my mind is blown by what is revealed to me. I highly recommend his work.

Andy Drish – USA - thefoundation.com

After having two sessions with Jasper I feel that both have left me full of a sense of my inner being. He cleverly and purposefully shines a light on the things we already know and yet fail to see. His readings have brought me great joy and clarity. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to sit back and listen to what the numbers allow him to see.

Kitty de la Beche, Life Coach – Playing Grown Ups – UK.

I have done several sessions with Neil over the last few years and I am confident to say that he is a very authentic, intuitive and multi-talented therapist with a very high level of integrity. A numerology reading with Neil is amazingly insightful, uplifting, empowering and fun. An experience you will not easily forget! 

Liesbeth Roolvink – The Netherlands

Neil, thank you for such a sensitive and insightful reading. I met you at a time of great shifts in my life and your input helped me gain perspective on my path. I now have a better understanding of my life as an expression of universal forces. It helped explain the unconscious choices I had made in the past and cleared the way for my future adventures with open eyes and acceptance of myself! This has been truly valuable and is a gift that continues to unfold! Love and gratitude. 

Carrie Mosley – United Kingdom

The numerology reading I received from Neil in March 2011 was nothing short of incredible. Neil must have some amazing and special gift because of all the readings I have ever received, no one has ever been able to understand me on such a profound level as he did. To have somebody outside of myself tell me about the things that I have always felt inside but never ever before dared to express – well, it’s extremely healing.
These are the type of things I could never even try to explain to anybody because they seem too “far out”. I feel like he helped me to regain parts of myself and even though this is a process and does not happen overnight, the help I got from the reading was so very valuable.
With love and gratitude for the awesome work you are doing. All the best to you Neil. 

Karen, South Africa

I’ve explored those hidden places of myself through things like palm reading, so was somewhat open to the idea of a numerology reading.  What’s unique about Neil is he sits at an imaginary table with you and opens up this map of your psyche, but the lakes, roads and destinations all link together and interconnect that I felt a deeper, complete sense of self, more than I’ve ever experienced before.  He told me things I already knew, but needed to hear again. He made me feel less scared of the challenges ahead and ones at present, but mostly he brings sensitivity, empathy and humour to his readings.  I really enjoyed the personal touch of our Skype chat along with the comprehensive reading on paper that I received afterwards.  I highly recommend Neil and the dimension that he can bring to your life.

Jeannie Mark – world traveller and blogger http://www.nomadicchick.com/ http://girlsrunwithbulls.com/

Fascinating numerology reading from Jasper. I was and remain (to a much lesser extent!) a sceptic. Jasper explained everything really well. Much of what he said was incredibly accurate. As a result of my reading I have recommended him to friends and bought readings for family. 

Patrick Fisher – UK.

I feel so lucky to have found Jasper.  What he has done for me in two hours is truly amazing.  He shared his uncanny insight into my personality, life path, strengths and weaknesses, unconcious tendencies, conflicts and desires, as well as the different stages in my life.  He told me about the challenges I am currently facing, then focused on helpful solutions to these challenges.  I was truly astounded at the accuracy of everything he said, and this newly acquired clarity and self knowledge has helped me shift any negative thought patterns and self doubt and give me a new sense of calm and hope for the future. I cannot recommend him enough.

Laura Comfort – USA / UK. (lauracomfort.com)

I have always wondered about a numerology reading and one day as I wanted some personal insight, I met Neil at the perfect time and he offered me a reading. To my astonishment it was so accurate, it was kind of hard to believe someone could know that much information about someone just from their name and birthday. Neil shares information about you with such passion and clarity. I would recommend him to everyone as he is really good at what he does and it’s clear that he loves it. I have to say it was one of the best readings I ever had. I was impressed at his talent.

Sequoia Henning – Canada. www.feelingsoulgood.com

I didn’t know much about numerology, but after a session I was surprised how much it could tell me about myself and my life’s direction. I got some more understanding about myself, my strongest parts, my triggers and my life’s purpose, at a deeper level. Receiving a numerology session for me was also more than mental understanding. I felt a shift happening (old beliefs about money) which brought me closer to living my life fully. 

Celien Dirix – Belgium

I’ve known Neil for over 10 years and have had probably 3 or 4 readings over that period, all of which were accurate, immensely helpful and have proved correct. Neil was fundamental in helping me create and change my name during a very intense period of change. My new name, based on the vibration of numbers, is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me and really ‘says’ who I am.  Every time I introduce myself, I feel I am giving the other person a gift; my name being in total alignment with who I ‘feel’ I am. I fully recommend Neil and his readings.  You will not be disappointed. 

Jaz Goven, Fast Track Technique Founder. http://www.fasttracktechnique.com/

Neil Beechwood is an incredibly talented, intuitive, genuine, warm and insightful man. I had never had a numerology reading (nor did I have much familiarity with it), so I was a little nervous going in — but those fears were calmed immediately by Neil’s wise, friendly presence. Without a doubt, my two-hour session with Neil has changed my life.
Although there are many resources available online to sift through surface-level numerology facts about oneself, Neil has a beautiful gift for distilling the sea of data in a way that is piercingly meaningful, kind and encouraging. My session left with me much to think about and a deep sense of calm as it affirmed and brought immense clarity to many of the things I already knew about myself deep down.
I cannot recommend a session with Neil highly enough — his wisdom and huge heart will leave an indelible mark on your own life story and self-understanding, and will provide you with just the amount of insight you need to create and embrace a future you love.

Jenny Blake – author, blogger, life coach and speaker. www.jennyblake.org www.lifeaftercollege.org