There are four Challenges in numerology. They are long term cycles which present a specific challenge for their duration. In this article I’m going to focus on the often misunderstood 0 Challenge.

All of my four challenges are ruled by 0 and taking a deep dive into what this means has been an important part of my self-understanding and awakening.
My current understanding is that the 0 challenge refers to no particular worldly challenge. This is not say there are no challenges during a 0 Challenge. Karmic lessons, karmic debts, master numbers, repeating core aspects and modifier imbalances all present their own challenges, but they are not confined to any particular period of time, like the Challenge cycles.

In some ways a person affected by a 0 challenge can become lazy or complacent, as nothing in particular is nipping at their heels. Life can be easy and there can be a lack of ambition. But there is almost always a feeling of an itch that can’t be scratched. This is the greatest signpost to understanding and overcoming the 0 challenge.
As I said the 0 challenge is not a worldy one. In short, it’s the challenge to be nothing: to be as Jesus put it, “In the world but not of it”.
Within a 0 challenge you are invited to surrender completely and allow life to work its magic through you. Think of Truman in the Truman Show movie. He’s a great example of someone in a 0 challenge. Life seems fine, but eventually something just doesn’t feel right. The challenge is to do nothing, to just listen in to the situation and allow yourself to be moved, rather than sleepily shuffling around like everyone else.

The 0 challenge is really the most challenging challenge! It’s the invitation to find out what you are in the absence of identification. It can be summed up as ‘Live as if you have no challenges’.