2025’s 9 energy (2 + 0 + 2 + 5 = 9) brings completion, resolution and growing compassion for humanity, regardless of colour, race or belief system.


This awakening will be resisted by those who still cling to the old number 1 dominated style of top down control.


We are at a very interesting time in history. Since the year 2000, humanity has been entering and adapting to a completely different energy to the one which shaped our lives for the previous 1000 years. To put things in context, from 1000 to 1999 we were primarily influenced by number 1, the most masculine, active, yang energy. 2000 to 2999 is governed by 2, the most feminine, receptive, yin energy.

1900 – 1999 was technically the 20th century and simultaneously saw the awakening of the feminine (feminism, socialism, social justice, freedom of creative expression, self-development) with the final throes of the masculine (world wars, dictators, personal power, economic boom).

For those of us who remember life in the 20th century, life since 2000 has been very different. Everything seems less defined, as if time itself is changing. The profound yin quality of 2 has the effect of a softer, less defined focus of awareness. Life doesn’t seem as exciting or stimulating as it used to be. For many, personal freedom seems less important than safety. All of these experiences are symptoms of our gradual integration into the completely new yin paradigm.

The first Life Cycle of our millennium lasts from 2000 to 2025. At the end of the first Life Cycle we begin to shift away from habitual conditioning of our upbringing, into more authentic expression and self determination of our true potential. 2025 will be a pivotal year which will see global upheaval breaking down obsolete power structures.

Since 2000 self-obsession and narcissism have become endemic, as the outgoing 1 energy of heightened individual awareness is sensitized by the incoming self-reflective energy of the 2. In 2025 I predict that many people will be ready to discard this self-obsessive attitude and embrace their sensitivity as something positive – a new superpower if you will. This will connect people to their intuition more than ever before. In matters such as health, diet and lifestyle, trust in our intuition will replace the old “trust the science” paradigm.


13/4 Pinnacle



2025 has a 13/4 Pinnacle, which represents the most positive energy available that year. 13/4 signifies hard work, transformation through struggle, and death. Coming at the end of an important Life Cycle, it points towards a challenging initiation humanity must go through to emerge wiser and more compassionate in 2026, the beginning of the second cycle.

13/4 predicts death and suffering on a large scale if humanity is unwilling or unable to release old self-destructive habits and rigid belief systems. There could be world war this year. Many could die of medical industrial complex related causes, particularly those rolled out since 2020.


1 Challenge


2025 has a 1 Challenge, which represents the main challenge of the year. Individually this means we will be forced to make authentic life choices, as it becomes clear that the old system is no longer working. Those in control will feel increasingly threatened and take more desperate measures to remain in power. It is our Challenge to support the awakening feminine 2 energy with discernment and courage, standing quietly in our own power and choices. The feminine 2 is a peaceful number and we must learn to live and work together.

This time of awakening puts the ball firmly your court. You do not have to be a victim of circumstance. Now is the time to embrace humility and compassion, letting go of selfish opinions and arguments. Stand quietly in your own truth, without the need to change anyone else, but ready to help if needed. Connect with nature, practice heart centred meditation, spend less time with technology. Invest in your humanity and you will be guided towards a greater version of yourself, through the trials of this year.