The term 5D awareness is becoming increasingly discussed, as many of us feel an unmistakable opening within ourselves, along with a feeling that we are capable of much more than was previously thought possible. The key here is that we are becoming more in touch with our feeling intuitive subconscious aspect of mind, which naturally opens us to a more expansive state of awareness, unbound by the conceptual limitations of rational thought.


5D awareness is subjective impersonal spacious awareness. Experience is perceived as it actually is without interpretation. If we were to conceptualize it, a good description would be, “life is a hologram and I am nowhere and everywhere”. There is a natural feeling of being safe and at home wherever we are, because we have realized our true nature as impersonal subjective awareness, out of which everything arises as myself. That is, even though we can conceptualize ourselves as men or women, we are no longer limited by personal identification. We are boundless awareness.

5D awareness views the space within and around us as a fundamental aspect of experience. Awareness and appreciation of space prevents the rational mind from identifying with charges of emotion which arise in response to experience. We still feel emotion, but it dissipates easily in spacious awareness.

5D awareness produces the feeling that space is not empty, but full of potential which is manifested into being by mental-emotional resonance. Space is the most fundamental element – the ether or akasha of the ancients – out of which the elements air, fire, water and earth flow. It is the Akashic records which contain the blueprints for every possible experience.

We have full access to the Akashic records right now. Each of us has the ability to manifest our authentic desires – provided we remain playful and unattached to a future outcome. Learn to be spacious. Expand awareness beyond the familiar psychological strait jacket of personal identification and observe the elegance of impersonal perception. Imagine you are bathing in the kind of energy you would like to create. Feel it blessing the whole of your environment, not just the idea of yourself.

Imagine and feel that the space within and around you is filled with love. Feel yourself expanding beyond the thought of the body into a subjective awareness which seems personified by space itself. “I am spacious awareness”.

Summon abundance by feeling and imagining that in your spacious awareness, you are connecting with the energies of wealth, riches and prosperity. Keep it playful and repeat several times everyday.

Don’t be lamebrained

Like a man limping along with an injured foot, we are lamebrained when we perceive only through objective conceptual understanding. The habit of reducing everything to concepts short circuits our ability to create the life we desire. Instead of working together in harmony, conscious and subconscious aspects of mind are locked in an unhappy, unfulfilling marriage. Subconsciously we know we are boundless and free, capable of living happy productive lives, but consciously we don’t really believe its possible.

Being lamebrained is just a habit and can be broken by opening awareness into the spaciousness within and around you. Feel yourself filling the space, blessing the big picture of your experience simply by ‘holding the space’.