11 is a very powerful symbol for the alignment within us of our animal and spiritual intelligence. Each 1 in the 11 represents these two poles of human experience. Those of us working with number 11 just feel different to other people. There is often a heightened awareness and appreciation of nature (animal intelligence) and also a feeling of not being limited to ones body and a connection with the Cosmos (spiritual intelligence).


The work of 11 people is to fully incarnate as spiritual awareness in our present, sensory, animal experience. This is most fully realized in the human heart and is known as Christ consciousness. 11 is not a ‘material world’ number. It doesn’t ‘do’ anything. 11 represents the quality of our HUMAN BEING, our conscious vibrant presence wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. The work of 11 people is to shine quietly with the joy of their own being. This blesses and brings healing to their environment.

Interestingly the Expression number of the name Jesus is 11.

Seeing 11:11 means we are ready in our own awakening process to meet awakening others with whom we can share our journey. Don’t limit your expectations to soul mates or twin flames. 11:11 can also bring in awakening friends and business connections.